Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 2014

Hello Region 5 Members,
   It has been over a year since I updated my blog. I can give many excuses, but  basically I have not made the time to update it and i apologize.
   What has been weighing heavy on my heart is all the young girls that have been taken in Africa. I certainly hope they are found and returned to their families unharmed.
    The global initiative to end human trafficking. As we most recently have shown here in the United States, we have just arrested 168 persons for human trafficking here. This is a global problem that is just getting worse and now catching the headlines everywhere.
     The Police Women in Afghanistan choose to serve their communities through numerous hardships such as being shunned from their community, abused or killed for their work. We need to lift them up to our higher powers and protect them.
     On the homefront, here at Oxford Police Department, we are loosing a great female officer to the ATF in Pensacola, Florida. I am very sad to see her leave OPD because of the outstanding community service she provides this community, but I know it will be ATF gain and she will prosper in her new position. We are down to three female officers of a deparment of 62 and I hope that we can bring some in that are even half the calibre of Katherine Evans. For those of you in Florida, please show her some love.
    The Winnipeg conference is right around the corner, September 28-October 2nd, 2014. If you have not registered please due so. I am going, but I have no where to stay as of yet. I need a roomie for those of you going.
    Take care for now,
     Libby "Liz" Lytle

Lt. Carol Scruggs (end of shift 6/25/2010)

Lt. Carol Scruggs (end of shift 6/25/2010)
Marshall County Sheriff's Department