Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 2011

I would like to congratulate Capt. Jane Tutor from the University of Mississippi Police Department for receiving the Lafayette County Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award at the annual banquet this year. She is a Mississippi Women's Law Enforcement (MSWLEA) Board Member and currently working on her Masters in Criminal Justice from the University of Mississppi. Way to go Jane!!
I would also like to congratulate Commander Heather Kouts for her well deserved promotion to Commander of the 4th District in New Orleans P.D. She is both a Board Member for IAWP and a member of MSWLEA. Way to go Heather!!
MSWLEA is currently planning the 4th Annual Training Conference for Mississippi to be set in July or August this year.
Please email me with any updates, promotions or information that can be put in my blog.
Be safe out there and talk to you again soon!

Lt. Carol Scruggs (end of shift 6/25/2010)

Lt. Carol Scruggs (end of shift 6/25/2010)
Marshall County Sheriff's Department