Monday, August 16, 2010

3rd Annual MSWLEA Training Conference

Hello all,
I am happy to report that we have had a wonderful turn out for our conference this year. It was two and a half days with some great speakers. Trinka Poratta from Project GHB and Chief Anne Kirkpatrick from Spokane, Washington P.D. were both dynamic instructors.
I had the giant IAWP display, along with all the various pictures available to display as a focus point of the display area. I set out the new IAWP banners that Carol got printed up for us. They look great! I am looking forward to seeing how many new IAWP members we have since the conference! Its just a short time away from the IAWP Conference in Minneapolis, so see you there!

Lt. Carol Scruggs (end of shift 6/25/2010)

Lt. Carol Scruggs (end of shift 6/25/2010)
Marshall County Sheriff's Department