Sunday, April 21, 2013

Trinidad and Tobago Board Meeting April 20-21, 2013

Hello all!
   I am sending this from Trinidad at the early board meeting. I am representing you as your regional coordinator and I am coming back with specific tasks to be more involved with the magazine we publish, Women Police. I must, must, must send at least four articles a year to the editor from our region. So I need to get input on you as to what you want to see in the magazine highlighting our region. I will make some article ideas up since it is my job. I would really like to have ideas from you. You don't have to write it all up. We have a team that can help us with that, so don't be discouraged like I have been. If we want our stuff in the magazine, we must, I must write some stuff up.
As your regional coordinator, I want to include all the great things we do here in the south.
Updates from the board meeting will be coming shortly. We have been very productive yesterday and so far today.
As always, be safe and holler at me with ideas!
your friend,

Lt. Carol Scruggs (end of shift 6/25/2010)

Lt. Carol Scruggs (end of shift 6/25/2010)
Marshall County Sheriff's Department